A singer conveys an immediate musical expression to her audience. No particular instrument is being played: the individual alone embodies the sound.

A performance by Carolina Melean invites the audience to travel through a musical and emotional landscape. Deeply affected by the cultures of her Bolivian father and her Greek mother, she grew up trilingual in a multicultural environment in Germany. As a child, expressively dancing with her younger sister in front of the mirror, she decided: "I want to make music, 24/7, all of my life."

Twenty years later, she finished her studies at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater" in Hamburg, Germany.

Throughout this time, Carolina Melean never chose to go in only one direction. Hiphop, Classical music, Folk, Jazz, and Electronic music all serve as mediums through which her deep dedication expresses itself. And in this broad landscape of styles, her vocal performance is like a dance with many moods and moves; personal, informed, and inspired.

Pursuing new grooves and sounds, and a passion for collaboration with musicians world wide, continue to drive Carolina Melean into exciting musical atmospheres.